Suppliers of New and Used Storage Tanks

Diesel/gas oil pumps for fuel installations which can be equipped with fuel flow monitors/key systems

Fuel Monitoring

Neil Vessey (Storage Tanks) Ltd are able to supply all ancillary equipment associated with Storage Tanks.

Please find below examples of diesel/gas oil pumps for fuel installations which can be equipped with fuel flow monitors/key systems. The key system provides an effective security device ensuring the pump becomes operational only on the insertion of an authorised key. The fuel flow monitor records the amount of fuel delivered as the transaction progresses, as well as offering many other functions. Our in-house and highly-skilled fitters install new pumps and pipework to tanks on site and, if required, can carry out pipework installations at customer's premises.

In addition to fuel monitoring equipment, we also supply support cradles, access ladders, platforms, pump security cabinets, etc are available to suit customers' individual requirements.

Auditor GS Dual Hose

Heavy Duty Diesel Pump with Fuel Management System for Dual Speed Fuelling

Pump Features

  • 50/70/90 to 150 litre/minute fixed or selectable speed options available
  • Controls up to 3 additional pumps simultaneously
  • High accuracy metering to 0.25% of throughput - verified by weights and measures
  • Genuine Bennett Components, global leaders in pump technology
  • Pumps and meters tested to 7.5 million litres of throughput
  • Robust Zintex coated steel construction to withstand rugged fleet use and harsh environmental conditions
  • Designed and manufactured for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Built with multi options to customer specification
  • Proven 10 year plus product
  • Up to B100 biodiesel option compatibility
  • Guaranteed no compulsory upgrades for 10 years
  • Built in air separation for removing air prior to metering

Management Features

  • Compatible with Merridale FuelFX Management Software for extensive reporting/reconcilation
  • Anti-vandal chrome plated zinc alloy keypad for commercial use, with alphanumeric and illuminated digit options
  • GSM and GPRS communication options available as well as hardwire and network interface links
  • Data key, data tag and mag stripe card identifier options for vehicle and/or driver identification

Typical Applications

  • Small and large fleet operators including own fleet operators, bus and coach operators, local authorities, construction companies, marinas, airports, trains, plant and equipment
  • Applications requiring dual speed fuelling

Electric Pumps & Fuel Management ALPHA/70FC10

70L/Minimum Pump with Fuel Management System and GSM Modem for Use with Diesel

The same trusty ALPHA but fitted with Integral Fuel Management System

- Uses virtually indestructible Datatags instead of keys or cards
- Up to 10,000 different Datatags on any one system
- Odometer entry, odometer check & MPG calculation
- GSM modem for remote access to fuel data
- User friendly Windows based software package
- Flexible report writer enables a wide range of fuel usage analysis by vehicle, department, vehicle type, fuel type, time and date
- Multiple site capability and data consolidation
- All features included as standard (no optional extras to purchase)
- Installation and commissioning support available

Alpha Pump

  • LCD display with back lighting
  • Lifetime and period totalisers are displayed constantly
  • Leave messages for specific drivers
  • Large display digits for fuel being drawn
  • Can be used with above or below ground tanks
  • Stores full information on the last 2000 refuelling operations
  • Integral GSM modem for downloading the information to your PC

Cube with Fuel Management System

  • Fuel Management Specification (Accuracy +/- 0.5%)
  • Up to 50 users via PIN code or optional magnetic key
  • Records date and time of dispensing and amount of fuel taken

Option PC Software, Key Reader and 10 Keys

  • Includes manager key that downloads information to the keyreader and software on the PC (no hard wire link between the pump and PC is required). Requires RS232 connection.

Pump Specification

  • ONLY suitable with diesel or biodiesel up to B5
  • 230V self priming pump unit
  • Nozzle operated off switch prevents motor damage
  • Pumping speed 70L/minute
  • Nozzle can be locked. Meter accuracy of +/- 0.5%. Weatherproof to IP55
  • Integral filter, bypass valve
  • Continously rated motor with thermal cut-out
  • 4m x 1" delivery hose and automatic nozzle
  • Dimensions 341mm H x 342mm W x 451mm D.